Diploma In Logistic & Management Studies

As supply Chain management continues to grow as a critical business funtion for organization's competitive and financial performance, it makes it one of the top skills to invest in both today and in the future.

This MicroMasters ® Credential will showcase your understanding of supply chain anlaytics, design, technology, dynamics and end-to-end supply chain management. Build on the credential and take advantage of a great opportunity to be accepted into the #1 ranked supply chain management Masters Degree program for a fraction of the cost.

What you’ll learn :

*To apply core methodologies (probability, statistics, optimization) used in supply chain modelling and analysis
*To understand and use fundamental models to make trade-offs between forecasting, inventory, and transportation
*To design supply chain networks as well as financial and information flows
*To understand how supply chains act as systems and interact
*How technology is used within supply chains; from fundamentals to packaged software systems
*End to end supply chain management
*Impact of capacity utilization on throughput time under demand variability
*Managing uncertainty & risks in the supply chain
*Industry best practices from leading practitioners

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