7 best Professional Courses after Mechanical Engineering

professional courses after mechanical engineering

The article discusses the finest professional courses after mechanical engineering. Also included are reasons why you should pursue a professional degree, the benefits of professional courses, and so on.

We have seen that getting stuck after completing mechanical engineering is common. The direct placements from colleges are below 15%. The majority of students don’t know;  

  • What to do next?  
  • How to find a good job?  
  • How to get career growth?  

Professional courses after mechanical engineering are one of the best options for these types of questions to get after mechanical engineering, diploma, ITI. 

What is meant by professional courses?   

The courses are designed for mechanical engineering students to start new careers after the B.E program. Or, continuation programs after graduation (3-year diploma programs also) to get a job in a particular industry. And also to get career growth in a specific sector. It provides the technical knowledge and skills for a special or particular industry that the course is dealing with. Most of the professional courses are dealing with technical studies of a single and selected industry. Like diploma in logistics and supply chain management deals with only the logistics and supply chain industry. The professional courses tend to be more specific and detailed than broad study. 

Why Professional Courses?  

After completing mechanical engineering, you have lots of options to choose from. you can choose the oil and gas industry, energy sector, automobile, robotics, etc … as your career. After completing engineering, you may don’t have enough skills to work in any industry.  

The academic career did not deliver enough work-skill for working in the industries. The graduation only provides an idea about industries within the syllabus but not enough work skills. For example, if you are choosing robotics for your career, mechanical engineering (B.E) itself couldn’t provide the necessary knowledge to work in the industry.  

From the academic career, you will get basic knowledge of all the topics included in the syllabus.  

In some cases, the company will provide job training. But it only gives information about that company’s work only.  

In most cases, you needed to get the skills needed for the industry. You can meet the needs of the recruiter by a professional course. The Lack of Job skill is the treason for this.  

The best courses for high scale pay and quick career growth are; 

 List of best professional courses after Mechanical engineering


M-Tech is a post-graduation program for B-Tech students. And also, the most popular advanced program. Most of the universities and colleges (colleges offer B.E programs) also offers M- tech. There is a diverse range of specializations and subjects are available for M-tech. 

 Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering are some of the specializations. 

Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 50,000 – 100,000 INR 

 Oil and Gas Engineering 

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest industries in the world with regard to dollar value. There is different kind of job requirements and opportunities within the industry. Some of the jobs are related to the mechanical stream.   

There is different types of programs available 6-month diploma programs to 2-year MTech programs for oil and gas engineering.  

This course is covering different sections that a student going to work in the industry. Rigging, Refining, Quality, Safety… are some of the different sections of the oil and gas industry. 

Adi institute is one of the best institutions in south India for oil and gas courses. And covers the topics for students to work in the industry. 

Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 40000 – 80000 INR 

 MEP course 

MEP-Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing are different and 3 important aspects of any building. whether it can be skyscrapers, malls, hotels, restaurants, houses, apartments and other types of buildings…   

The designing and implementation of MEP aspects get difficult when the buildings become bigger. It will get very difficult to execute Without the help of a technical expert’s skills.  

And there are lots of opportunities for MEP designers.  

MEP course is ideal for both the streams of electrical and mechanical engineering.  

Different type of MEP programs is available. 3-month certification programs to 1-year advanced diploma programs. 

Adi institute is one of the best MEP course providers in Kerala.

Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 35000 –70000 

 QA/QC Course 

Quality assurance and Quality control are always important for most industries. These are for preventing and identifying defects of the products and also the proper functioning company. It can include machinery, workers, equipment’s, atmosphere within the company, tools… etc.  

If any defect (small or large) is not detected or not prevented, it can lead to massive disaster. And it can end in a big loss for company interns of manpower and money.    

In some scenarios, small errors can lead to the loss of thousands of common citizens lives. Especially, oil and gas, nuclear, chemical…industries can end up in a disaster. Also, one can question one country’s sustainability. Chernobyl can take as an example.  

Quality is one of the major factors that act as the backbone of huge brands. The QA QC have its own importance in this too. 

That is why a QA QC inspector always is important and in demand. And there are Lots of opportunities lies in the QA QC industry.  

There are professional courses available for QA QC. Ranging from 3-month courses to one-year advanced diploma programs. 

Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 30000 – 100000 

Piping and Pipeline engineering 

In this, you will learn designing of pipelines within the oil and gas, chemical plants, rigs, refineries… And also, the Codes, standards used in QC for the mentioned industries. Like the drawings, standards, isometric drawings, components Properties and standards of pipes used in any pipeline system. Designing and implementing pipelines that are efficient and cost-effective. There are lots of opportunities lies within the piping and pipeline industry for a mechanical engineer. 

You need to take short term or advanced professional courses to pursue a career in the industry. 

 Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 


As the name itself says all. Robotics is the branch of science intended only to deal with design development and use mechanical robots. The industry has a good future if the technology grows. (We are not fortune tellers). 

Avg Salary after 2 years of Experience: 350000 – 750000 


Mechanical engineering is a broad and wide industry. And the options for pursuing after engineering is also broad, you have lots of options to opt for the career. The courses above are some of the careers and courses helping to pursue a career in the field.  Adi institute provides professional courses for mechanical Engineers

The info about avg. Salary is summarized by collective data from online job portals like Naukri for Nov.2021. 

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