What is MEP and scope of MEP engineering

What is MEP Engineering

MEP systems are the backbone of Building. The MEP system deals with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing segment of a building. A building’s safety and its human use and occupancy depend on how the MEP system gets designed, detailed, and installed. 

What is MEP  

MEP stands for Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing. It’s a branch of engineering that deals with designing and implementing heating and ventilation circuits, electrical systems and plumbing of buildings.   

MEP systems were designed together to avoid conflicts between the 3 of them. The possibility of interaction between them is very high in any type of building that uses these 3 systems.  the complication in the MEP designs will vary in the types of buildings like houses, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels etc.  

M  – Mechanical

The mechanical aspect deals with Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. The function of this is to make the building at optimum temperature. Which will help to live inside is more comfortable.  

In general, the mechanical section is dealing with  

  1. Heating 
  2. ventilation and 
  3. Air conditioning. 

The aspects can be so sophisticated as per the type and purpose of the building. Humidity temperature is important for health and comfort. Fresh airflow is also important and done through mechanical ventilation.  

The HVAC system of hospital buildings can be very sophisticated as compared to home apartments. Each type of project needed a different set of Heating and Ventilation needs.  

The role of MEP engineers is to make a successful design that is cost-effective and efficient. 

  • Heat load calculation 
  • Designing 
  • Drafting 
  • Duct sizing 
  • Pipe sizing 
  • Chiller pipe sizing 
  • Pump design and selections 
  • Air terminal selection and installation 
  • Firefighting 

And much more 

E -Electrical

One of the main difficulties electrical sections face for high-rise constructions is defining optimal routes for conduit and wiring. 

With the help of MEP engineers and the aid of MEP software, conduit and wiring can be laid out while minimizing total circuit lengths, and avoiding location conflicts with mechanical and plumbing installations.  

The electrical section ensures the proper functioning of the electrical systems of the building. The proper electrical system is as cost-effective and simple as possible. The MEP Engineer works to make the electrical circuits and systems as soon as possible.   


  • DB sizing 
  • Selection of electrical components 
  • Illumination 
  • Designing electrical layout 
  • Installing 


P -Plumbing

It is to ensure water flow. The plumbing section as it names itself says all. In this section, the system is for ensuring the plumbing circuits works well without any complication. The plumbing circuits include water supply, wastewater disposal, acid waste systems…etc. According to the purpose of the building.   

A normal House apartment will have water supply and wastewater (other human waste) disposal sections. It will be very sophisticated when it comes to a factory, hospitals, plants…etc. 


  • Pipe sizing 
  • Plumbing layout 
  • Tank sizing 
  • Drainage 
  • Wastewater management  

Why MEP engineering  

Mep design is important to planning, cost estimation, performance estimation, documentation, construction and maintenance of the facilities. MEP engineering is vital in the success of the project.   

Working with the MEP engineer can reduce installation costs by optimizing material requirements. But never compromise on performance.   

An MEP Engineer should check and ensure that there is no overlapping between mechanical electrical, plumbing systems and other components or systems. The systems should be error-free and specific. The assistance of a specialist professional needs to do so. 

How it works. 

The implementation of MEP systems is done by using the software. An MEP engineer designs the MEP drawing using Software applications like Revit MEP, HAP, AutoCAD, Duct Sizer etc.,  

Giving an advantage to the MEP professionals. 

 Scope of MEP 

Every building project is a combination of civil and MEP engineering. MEP Engineering is one of the best career options after mechanical engineering as well as electrical engineering in India. There will always be a role for MEP engineers in construction from the start of planning of the project.  

MEP is one of the best options to pursue after mechanical, electrical stream of engineering. And also ideal for 3-year diploma candidates.  A certification program is one of the best options to start a career in MEP. And ASHRAE is one of the tier 1 certification bodies for MEP

Once you are a trained MEP engineer, you have lots of job opportunities here. Adi institute is one of the best institutes in south India for MEP Training. 

After the MEP course you can be placed as; 

  • MEP Engineer 
  • HVAC Engineer 
  • Electrical Designing and Drafter 
  • Firefighter 


MEP engineering is vital for any type of building and delivers great job opportunities for qualified candidates. And offers a high scale pay career. Adi institute is one of the best institutes that offer MEP training in south India. 

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