How to Start a Career in Oil and Gas Industry – 3 possible ways (without Experience)

how to start a career in oil and gas industry

Let’s discuss How to Start a Career in Oil and Gas Industry – 3 possible ways (without Experience)

Working in the oil and gas industry means you have to be on the oil rig. The oil and gas industry is a vast and wide industry. And there are lots of hard-working and white-collar jobs within the industry. More than 60% workforce working hard labour or skilled work. It can be from the plumber, driller, technicians mudlogger …etc. And also jobs related to finding new oil deposits, marketing…etc part of O&G industry.  

The oil and gas industry offers high scale pay, Quick career growth and periodic payable leaves. Those are the major reasons for the candidates to attract to the oil and gas industry. 

The entry-level jobs may not be rewarding in the oil and gas industry. But as you become an experienced professional, you can achieve a very rewarding career. 

Start at Entry Level  

It is always good to start at the bottom level and work your way up. Research thorough before selecting your sector in the oil and gas industry. Each sector has its own pros and cons. No matter what your educational background or previous work history, this industry will welcome people with the necessary skills and a willingness to learn.  

Most of the entry-level or job recruiting is done by 3rd party teams and contractors or sub-contractors.  

Lots of entry-level job does not need any educational qualification or prior work experience. You can start as completely fresher in the oil and gas industry. 

Get an Oil and Gas Job-oriented Training 

Oil and gas job-oriented training programs from reputed institutions helps you a lot to get into the oil and gas industry. You will ger basic level training and in-depth idea for the how the oil and gas industry work. You also get an idea about, what are the duties and responsibilities of major job roles within the industry. You can start getting into the work immediately after joining the job if you had attended the training programs. You can use certificates offered by the training institution as a recruiting tool. Certified professionals will always have an upper hand in the industry.  

Some training institutes also provide job offers after the training programs. Adi institute is one of the top institutes in south India for Oil and gas job training. 

Get an apprenticeship 

Top-notch companies offer apprenticeship training for candidates. And filter good candidates for them. It always will be useful for building a career in the oil and gas industry. Either you will get a full-time job or get a good experience and opportunity to build a good network. 

Don’t say β€˜No’ to Internships 

Internships programs are always a good entry from the educational level to the O&G industry. If you are a beginner and trying to build a career in the industry, then never lose an opportunity to get into it.  

Little Experience takes you a long way.  

Even a little experience can give a boost to your career. Use your first experience to build networks and contact as well as work experience. always bear in mind that top-notch companies have constant job openings.  

Use the full advantage of training programs, apprenticeships… For getting into the industry and getting an experience 

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