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What is Interior Designing?

Introduction: What is Interior Designing?

What is interior designing? In simple words, interior designing is the arrangement or positioning of things and objects in a specific way in which the room or the space looks its best. Interior designing is not only the ordering of objects or kinds of stuff, in fact, it also includes improving or creating the best and most beautiful environment for the ones who live or use it. 


In a more formal way, we can say that Interior design is the process of planning and decorating the interior space. It is a multi-step process that includes architecture, furniture, lighting, colour, and texture. 

When compared to interior decorating, the term interior designer suggests that there is a greater emphasis on planning, practical design, and the optimal use of space.

The Process of Interior Designing

Typically, the interior design process begins with a discussion of the customer’s wants and goals. Based on these conversations, the designer will develop an initial concept. 

The designer also recommends some changes to the customer’s ideas to make the plan more effective/efficient. 

Before being finished with a full proof plan or design proposal, this concept will be submitted to the customer for comment. And after all the comments and recommendations of the customer and the designer, a final finished plan is submitted for further process. 

What are the Best Tools for Interior Designers?

Interior designing is based on using the software. There is a lot of software available nowadays for interior design. Since the more the availability, The more the grim software. Therefore it is important that you pick the right software. The following softwares are used most commonly for interior designing


  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS MAX with VRAY rendering
  • Sketch-up with VRAY rendering





There are many computer designing softwares other than AutoCAD, But AutoCAD is the most popular among all the softwares thus far. Even now it stands tall among other competitors as an undisputed leader amongst all. The creators of AutoCAD are Autodesk.


In simple words, CAD (Computer-aided design) is software used to develop or design 2D and 3D drawings. It enables the building and customization of the digital models with a very unlimited capability of developing all forms of buildings and objects. Because of its flexibility, AutoCAD has expanded beyond its common applications in science and construction to include graphic and interior design. 


AutoCAD has almost every tool in its armoury for 2D designing and 3d modelling, thus giving it an edge over other CAD applications. With developing softwares all around the world AutoCAD has also updated itself every now and then according to the market need.

According to Stacbond, In its latest updates AutoCAD has added features like; 


  • Cloud storage and querying
  • Multi-device support
  • Quick measurement section
  • File’s progress history
  • Block pallet
  • Improved performance
  • Innovative AutoCAD features


3DS MAX with VRAY rendering 


3DS MAX with VRAY rendering is a time-tested rendering programme. It is the go-to option for artists and designers throughout 3D sectors due to its adaptability and ability to handle any style of the project from enormous, dynamic scenes with thousands of lights to an exquisite still life. In short, we can say that 3DS max is good for interior designs. The premium paid version of this software costs a little, and it is only advisable for professionals. However, there is a student version of this software which allows students to use the free version to study. Another advantage of 3DS is that it has better rendering compared to others.


Sketch-up with VRAY rendering


While 3DS is ideally used for animation and visualization it takes more time than any other software. Sketch-up on the other hand is known for its quick finish and easier user experience enabling users to finish their tasks quickly. Experts say Sketch-up is good for exterior designs while 3DS max is good for interior designing. Since it is a small software compared to 3DS and with its easy usability, it is becoming more popular among users.




Lumion is architectural visualisation software that allows you to easily communicate how your designs will transfer into real-life experiences and emotions. To make it easier for you to grasp, Lumion is another design software which is fast, simple, and dependable. Lumion integrates easily into any design process, making rendering more rewarding and engaging.

How to Get Started with an Interior Designing Career?


As said earlier an interior designer’s duty is to come up with concepts and ideas while keeping the surroundings of a certain place in mind. The next stage for them is to turn their thoughts and ideas into reality. The two essential characteristics of this area are drawing skills and inventiveness. So jump up now if you are good at drawing and you think you are creative, If you aren’t, Don’t worry, head down and start working on developing your skills. Nothing is impossible.


What is the salary of an interior designer?


A fresher at this post will earn a starting salary of around 20,000/-

As you get the experience you can earn up to 3L per month. So, guys, this will definitely get you a career. 




Interior designing is a great career option if you are creative and like things your way. Be confident in what you do.

Choosing an institution to study is an important thing to remember. 

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