QA QC Engineer

qa qc engineer

QA QC Engineer

What is Qa Qc?

According to Wikipedia, Quality assurance and Quality control (Qa Qc) is the combination of the process or collection of processes used to measure and ensure the quality of a product, and quality control is the practice of ensuring goods and services fulfil customer expectations.

                                                           Quality assurance is a process-oriented discipline that focuses on defect avoidance, whereas quality control is a product-oriented discipline that focuses on defect identification.

Who is a Qa Qc Engineer?

QaQc engineers are in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the specific good or service. They are in charge of product manufacture and are involved in every stage of the process, from design to production to labelling. Furthermore, to respect their company’s requirements, QaQc Engineers must comply with product quality and employee safety standards established by government organisations. 

                                                Detecting faults in goods and processes is one of the most critical responsibilities of a QaQc Engineer. To accomplish so, QaQc Engineers should be specialists in their firm’s goods and also have a strong knowledge of previous issues faced by the organisation. A QaQc Engineer must understand current testing methodologies and create something new in order to discover and fix problems. 

Job responsibilities 

  1. Keep track of the project quality management system’s progress and effectiveness. 
  2. Recommend and implement changes.
  3. Keep track of the status of all issued nonconformances.
  4. Examine the credentials and training criteria for quality inspection staff.
  5. Assist staff in ensuring understanding of all quality standards in place with all quality manuals and processes
  6. Engage with suppliers and contractors to keep all systems in good working order.

What is QaQc in construction?

Building inspectors, third-party inspectors, testing labs, and a whole lot of people strolling the job site to recognise any necessary corrections, which may take the form of a dangerous checklist that is often created in the final phases of a project as the tempo becomes frantic and all work to finish, solve and eventually hand over to maintenance and support. If the purpose of QA is to avoid situations from occurring in the first place, then one of the primary goals of a construction QA programme is to eliminate industry-wide waste. Nowadays, computerised graphics have fully replaced handwritten drawings in this field. Queries may be specifically asked instantly on the digital drawing, which is shared and viewable by everyone.

Challenges faced by a QAQC Engineer?

The most difficult task for a qaqc engineer was always to find every potential flaw in the software. There are a plethora of things that may go wrong at the last second, and functionalities that functioned previously are frequently broken with no clear explanation as to why. Another challenge they face is opposition from those who are resistant to change. 

As for every job, a Qa Qc Engineer will also face a lot of hurdles in his career. It is important to stay focused and committed to what you do. A QaQc Engineer has the ability to make a difference. Each problem should be viewed as an opportunity to make a positive change.

What is the salary of a QA QC Engineer?

As a beginning pay, a qaqc engineer in India earns between 1.2 and 2.4 lakhs. However, as you get more industry experience, your income might rise to even 14 lakhs.


Quality control and Quality assurance are critical components of every industry. The building industry, in fact, relies on qaqc more than ever before, because most of the materials we use these days are mediocre. As a result, pursuing a profession in qaqc will undoubtedly benefit you in the long term.


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